How to Make Dividends Work for You

What are Dividends? To keep it simple, dividends are typically cash that is distributed by corporations to its shareholders. In order to receiveĀ a corporation’s dividend, you must invest in their stock. Keep in mind, not all public corporations issue dividends so don’t be surprised when you see one that doesn’t. Dividends are typically issued quarterly, Read More

Effects of Compound Interest

The effects of compound interest can take your finances to levels that you wouldn’t even imagine. I cannot stress enough how important it is to start investing ASAP so that compound interest can start working its magic. Simple interest works like this: If I invest $100 and get a 6% return, I will have $106 Read More

Investing Tips

Investing can seem intimidating for those that don’t know much about it. If this is you, read on and I promise you will feel less intimidated. I am going to discuss several topics including long-term investing, diversifying your portfolio, and dollar-cost averaging. Long-Term Investing Many people think of investing as a “get rich quick” method. Read More