How to Read 50+ Books a Year

This post is a little off topic but it is EXTREMELY important. Reading books is actually how I first learned about personal finance and investing. I then went on to reading articles and blogs about the topics. But, to be completely honest, I cannot stand reading. The only way that I can sit down and read through an entire book is if I love the topic. The two books I read talked about investing in instruments such as stocks and CDs, so obviously I was interested. Anyways, right after I launched this blog, I had a friend introduce me to audiobooks. He said he was addicted and I kind of laughed at him for it. However, I too became addicted as soon as I tried it. I’m going to tell you about my strategy for reading 50+ books per year and also about the bookstore that I launched on this site!

How to Read 50+ Books a Year

50+ Books a Year

My strategy is simple: listen to one audiobook each week. 52 weeks in a year, 52 audiobooks. It’s much easier than you think, too! I found myself listening in my free time as opposed to watching TV. I’d listen in traffic while on my way to work. I also listen right before I go to bed at night. Alongside my normal one book per week, I am also making my way through the Bible. So in essence, I am always listening to two books at a time. There are so many extra minutes that we can find to “read” throughout the day. The challenge is finding the extra time and actually taking advantage of it. I actually knocked out my first book in 3 days, so 7 days should be a breeze.

My Bookstore

When you get the chance, go over to my bookstore and check out some of the titles. The books that I am posting on there are some of the best money management and investing books available. I have read most of them but I will definitely have them all read by the end of the year 🙂 To start, I’d check out Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. By implementing the strategies outlined in these books, you will be well on your way to achieving financial freedom. You can purchase the audiobook from Amazon after you click on the book of your choice. I will also be posting book summaries of the some of the better books that I come across so be on the lookout for some great recommendations.

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