Who is a Money Rookie?

Who is a Money Rookie?

A Money Rookie is a person that is just starting to learn how to effectively manage their money. Effectively managing your money does not mean stretching your paycheck just long enough to make it to your next one. Effectively managing your money enables you to do more than just survive until the next pay period, it allows you to actually build your savings, invest so that your money can work for itself, and most importantly live comfortably with financial freedom.

Who is a Money Rookie?

What is this blog?

This blog will be your guide to financial freedom by giving simple, step-by-step instructions on how to begin saving and investing. Then, after we establish the basics, we will go more in-depth with investment tips so that you will be able to retire comfortably without a financial worry in sight.

There’s no need to worry!

No matter your current financial situation, do not feel intimidated nor discouraged because the tips that I will be sharing will be very simple and easy to grasp. Also, if you’ve yet to save a dime in your entire life, you’re in the right place right now. You will be on your pathway to financial freedom in no time if you follow our tips. Thank you for visiting my page and I’m excited to start down this path with you!

2 thoughts on “Who is a Money Rookie?

  1. Carl Lillvik says:

    So far everything you have written is right on target. The same advice I have been giving to my grandchildren as they get close to college graduation! Keep up the good work.

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